At Dental•Studio we have developed Designersmile© Thanks to clinical advancements in the field of dentistry, enhancing someone's smile though cosmetic dentistry is more achievable than ever before.

Each person's ideal smile is different. We will determine your preferences and take your entire appearance into consideration. That way, we won't be providing you only with an attractive smile, but with the one that suits you best!

Beautiful and predictable results
A seamless process has been developed to transform your individually designed smile into a three-dimensional preview on a model, which in turn is recreated in the final result. You will be invited to give feedback at every step of the way. As you can imagine, all this careful planning ensures the most predictable results possible.

Extreme dental makeovers
Extreme dental makeovers are often possible using instant orthodontics. Teeth are straightened and gaps closed using high-strength porcelain veneers. Even missing teeth can be replaced and gum levels changed, making surprisingly radical and natural-looking changes entirely possible! When you come in for your assessment, in our restful and picturesque surroundings, we invite you to browse through the Portfolio and see for yourself.

Dental health (oral hygiene) and beauty
Successful cosmetic dentistry is not simply make-up for teeth. For a smile to be attractive, confident and lasting, the health of the teeth and gums and the freshness of breath are as important as the appearance of the teeth. We therefore believe in actively promoting your dental health. In this way, we ensure that your new smile won't look good now only, but for many years to come.

Stress-free dentistry
DesignerSmile© was developed to make cosmetic dentistry an enjoyable experience for clients and staff alike. We strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible, and we take the time to be gentle. In fact, our clients often comment on how relaxing they find the whole experience!

World-class service
First-class service is paramount to our philosophy. We respond to enquiries fully and efficiently, and ensure that treatments are as accessible as possible by offering flexible appointments. Improving one's smile is an important step, so a client should be fully informed and confident about any decision he or she takes.

Highest standards
At Dental•Studio we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. We are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry -- the leading authority on cosmetic dentistry. We only use only tried and tested technology, materials and techniques, of the highest rating available anywhere in the world today.